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 The Piano Technicians Guild is an organization
of piano technicians
 which promotes high quality standards in piano tuning and maintenance. 

    • A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos.     

    • An Associate is a member who has not passed the RPT examinations.  Associates  may be studying piano technology  and working toward RPT status, or may be piano retailers, rebuilders, refinishers or other specialists.
    • To become a member, or to learn more, you may attend one of our meetings the first Tuesday of each month from September to June.

      A few attendees at the May 6th chapter meeting strapped a baby grand that Frank B. partially restored; Bill Kearns hauled it home to work on what is left to complete. 

    Next Meeting:
    Tuesday, June 3

    Where:  Gerrero Allen Organ Sales
                  510 Parkway View Drive, Building 5
                  Pittsburgh, PA  15205

    6:45pm: Entertaining 'live' display of                           uniquely 'trained' skills.
                  Please be prompt for this event!

    7:15pm: Randy Mangus will reveal
                   features of the Cybertuner
                    plus an open floor forum
                    on various technical tips               

    See News for more details

         Pittsburgh Chapter Staff 
       President:      Ron Gordon RPT
       Vice-President:  Randy Mangus RPT    

       Treasurer:      Joel Cluskey
       Secretary:      Kenneth Hand